We deserve a soft epilogue, don't we my love by loverice

So this is coming off my 3rd 16 hour work day in 4 days so bear with me haha I don't really know why I hadn't contributed to the Juliantina Movie tag before this, probably because I knew I couldn't actually write anything lol But it's the last day so I figured why not, mostly I just want to see the girls happy together Haha I think the movie should be before the time jump though. Because A LOT happened in the finale and I would like to see more in depth how people are dealing with them in the long run. Bad Carvajal family situation for starters, Eva going to jail plus pregnant, Lucia dying (and potentially transmigrating) (god I pray she comes back! She deserved so much more!) and also Val finding out the truth of Lucia and Johnny, I'd love to see the repercussions of that, AND her dad being back! Like officially, what does this mean. Also Juls doing her course, its something she would never have strived for before and now has this amazing opportunity but it's also a very different environment for her. Plus the girls are now in the spotlight with their relationship, that would definitely be good to explore, especially Juls so not being used to it, plus if it gets found out her dad was a hitman, also the fact that he now works for Vals family... who is also Vals dad. But like I said, the girls being happy, with some struggles like all couples do but they are, as they always have been, soul mates with Death herself's approval, and just can't be stay mad and be apart. So... yea, idk how to end this really haha I do have utter faith in the people involved though, the reason for Juliantina having the effect it has had on a worldwide scale is because of the writers, actors, editors, designers, EVERYONE involved, they have done such an incredible job that whatever they decide, whatever they come up with and follow through with will be absolutely AMAZING and I CANNOT WAIT P.S I'm even trying to save up and fly to Mexico to see the movie in cinemas. So fingers crossed 🤞also I'm hoping my Spanish is much better by then lol