Woman with tattooed hands by moose

Woman with tattooed hands She was a good girl and had a real good job lived the simple life, never a bad thought Was engaged to a good man, never fought always happy, live, loved, couldn’t go a minute without making her laugh One after noon she got a call, fiancé was killed in a freak car crash destroyed her mind, soul and it changed her path Once felt the high of real love now all alone thoughts of why me, why him so many questions to ask Changed her values and morals wished it wasn’t this bad Depression left her in bed for days on end, cried for weeks no one to wipe her tears the pictures of him made her feel sad, odd time would smile and make her laugh Went to a tattoo shop with a great idea a memorial for him thinking both hands his dog giant bull mastiff name diesel on her right hand and on the left photograph of her fiancé smiling and words that say i love you babe your my soulmate written in his writing from days gone past At last her heart feels mended with the memories on her hands