"I'm so lucky" by thestoryteller

I used to think that I owed many things in my life to "luck" and this made me question many things in my life.  I work and function in great part based on instinct, and for a while this made me doubt my decisions until I realized that my instinct was not this magical I tangible thing but rather a combination of all and everything that I have lived. Once I reclaimed my instinct and gave it the respect it deserves, it became my biggest strength and my number one advisor.  One particular day, when I got a call with the greatest news, I called my brother and said "I'm so lucky!". He said to me: luck is where opportunity and preparation meet. If you were not prepared when that opportunity came along this would not have happened. Once I realized this, I gave myself the well deserved credit and realized that LUCK is not an intangible magical thing, but more so the result of hard work.