How I found myself part 2 by dallasausten8

Then I went lesbian groups which was OK but still not me then I went on transgender groups like Trans in the wild and followed other transmen and transwomen on Instagram where I found a place to call my home. Yes, I still judge and say I should be that muscular and look more like a man then I take a step back and look at my girl and say to myself 'one step at a time' . Plus being in the trans community you see the ups and downs of what we face on any day of the year. Yes most of us have really good surgeries but there are ones that don't have the outcome they were hoping for. for those who's surgeries haven't worked out remember it takes time to heal. Your not going to look like your dream body right after surgery and every body's body heals differently. I know I have to tell my surgeon that I have hypertrophic scarring, which is where your body produces extra collagen. The symptoms at least when had my moles removed in junior high and high school were pink raised areas and very itchy. My surgeons and doctors treat it with steroid shot along with making sure they cut in an area that wont leave a scar and tighten up the incision. I also use skin therapy which is a silicon bandage on my cuts when the doctor allows it but I leave my on until it falls off then I replace it if I think it needs to be. When I had my c-section I used some lotion to help with the itch but because of where he cut me and how it started healing I didn't have to use any scar treatment on it which is good. So just remember we all heal different. I hope this helps anybody who is trying to find themselves amongst the noise of social media. Remember be you and don't let the world change you but for the better. You can always dm me at my instagram @designloveandpeace or email me at [email protected]