Our Song (Juliantina the movie) V. THE ROADTRIP by amsur

V. THE ROADTRIP Rafaela fetches Jessica in her house. They travel at dawn. Such a perfect time to see the first glimpse of the sun with someone special. For Rafaela, it’s a validation of her feelings, for Jessica, it’s redemption. They pack all their needs into the car trunk; clothes, food, camera, guitar, tent, etc. They exchange driving whenever one is tired and sleepy. Rafaela sees a captivating view of the countryside along the way. She pulls the car over and thought it would be great place to spend the night. Jessica automatically takes pictures of the sceneries. And of course, takes pictures of Rafaela secretly. Jessica prepares their meals while Rafaela put on their tent. They eat and have a little chat before going to bed. Jessica is shaking as she reveals her feelings to Rafaela. She could not already contain to herself. She believes that this is time of being true to herself, of choosing what she really wants without anyone dictating. Rafaela holds Jessica’s cold hands and hugs her tight. She tells Jessica that she is also feeling the same way. Rafaela has never been in this kind of relationship. At first it was weird, but it is the most genuinely and strongest feeling she ever felt for someone. Rafaela touches Jessica’s hair and stares her angelic face, she starts to kiss her lips. Jessica kisses her back. Rafaela kisses her neck down to her breasts. Jessica could not explain what she is feeling. She is aroused from head to foot. Her wild side wants to come out. She removes Rafaela’s clothes. Rafaela is amaze as she strips Jessica’s clothes. Such a gorgeous body in front of her. They make love. Rafaela kisses Jessica’s entire body. She focuses on Jessica’s intimate part. She makes her wet as she hears Jessica’s moan grew louder. Jessica kisses Rafaela’s smooth back. Her scent drives her crazy. She does what Rafaela did to her. Jessica shivers as she finishes with Rafaela. It is the most romantic and memorable night they had. It’s the night where they conquered all their uncertainties and emotions. Rafaela cuddles Jessica as she falls asleep. Rafaela still naked, grabs her pen and paper and continues writing on it. She is composing a song for Jessica. She includes every precious moments with her from the day she met her until now. She plans to sing to her on her coming 27th Birthday.