My wake up call by novashyann23

On September 08th of 2018, I was drugged raped and abused by this guy that I was going to just visit for a few hours and then go back home. He kept acting nervous but I didn’t think anything of it and he asked me if I wanted a cup of ice to pour my bottle drink into but when he brought it back I noticed something that wasn’t just ice in that cup so I refused. Somehow he got me to drink out of it and I passed out immediately.. I woke up to him raping me and when I tried to fight him off he got more abusive about it and hit me in the back of the head with something that knocked me unconscious. When I woke up again I was in so much pain but I had no memory of it until I was woken up by the nurse letting me know that she was going to do a rape kit. They locked him up immediately and held him in jail until may when he pleaded guilty to the rape and we didn’t have to take it to trial. Once they released him to ICE (immigration police) since he was in my area on a expired green card from Canada. ICE held him and made a go fund me page for his bail money to which he received and now he is walking the streets of Canada. If it’s that easy to let a rapist walk the streets today then what good is it for me to feel safe at all even though he can’t cross the border, I feel like all of his friends are going to get revenge on me for him being caught and I never meant to hurt anyone, those were never my intentions but if only anyone of them could’ve been in my position and experienced what I went through. PTSD is not a joke and neither is finding out you now have Narcolepsy Sleep Paralysis and you have episodes of the event as if you’re reliving it. 😭😭😭