Life, the infinite by eansjones

The biggest lesson I've learned in my life so far is Life is infinite, there is no lack of possibilities, more than I could ever comprehend. For so long the world was how others defined it to me, my parents, my friends, my family, my teachers. All of these people are individuals experiencing a finite blip of the infinite. Previously my world was shaped by opposites, right and wrong, good and bad but this is not what defines. To define life is to kill it, there is no combination of words that can create the living infinite that is life. We as individuals attempt to simplify the infinite into specific parameters as to comprehend a topic that exists within the infinite. My parents did this by teaching me what was right and wrong, they did this for my safety so that I could grasp what I should and shouldn't be doing. We as participants in social media define our lives by the parameters of photos and description. No matter how much you post you will never be able to produce the living thing that is you. No matter how small life is, say a bug, it cannot be brought to life through the tools of description. This goes for incredibly large life, say planets. You should not get lost in the infinite, life such as we are is remarkably unique. This life will not be lived by anyone else but you and no one will make your presence known for you. Never get bogged down in the details, they are dead things and they give no place to define your life. Life has infinite meaning but meaning itself is subjective, there is no correct meaning, it is simply the meaning that you give to it. From this you should take away the following things: 1. It is remarkably generous for you to live for others, we are not here for long and time won’t stop for the generous or the wicked. No one will live for you, not your parents, or society, or God. Take life by the wheel and see it as it is infinite, there is nothing but yourself holding you back from experiencing anything within the infinite. 2. Trading you time for money is a pathetic way to spend the time that you have here. We have stepped into the finite world of man, where others define your self worth, they have declared that money is more important than time. This is one of the greatest illusions for mankind to break out of. 3. Never stop learning, life is infinite so there are infinite things that you do not know. The moment that you stop learning is the moment you stop living. 4. Living with love and compassion is what makes life worth living. 5. Nothing but yourself defines you 6. Laugh and play, I define life as two things: a joke and a sandbox. 7. Live out your passions, using your superpowers of creation. 8. Live Best Wishes, Ean Sequoia Jones “What we do now echos in eternity.”