True Intimacy by lovesisi

Whether you were deprived of emotional and physical safety as a young soul or whether you have suffered trauma through repeated cycles of pain, depression and insecurities; true intimacy has always been a challenge in life. We are so afraid of being intimate with ourselves, of being completely naked and alone with our own souls that we never acknowledge how we really feel about a certain situation or a person. When we bury or deny our deep feelings, we end up subconsciously projecting onto others what we do not claim as our own. Unfortunately, we end up miscommunicating, arguments happen and we slowly start to think that we ARE the problem. We start to believe that something is completely wrong with us. The vicious circle of insecurities resurfaces. We must learn to develop intimacy with our spirits. We must develop a genuine self-love by getting to know and appreciate every single aspect of ourselves (good and bad). Forgive yourself and give yourself a chance. Give yourself MANY chances. Why wouldn’t you? You are worth all the time in the world. You are pure stardust. You are magical and beyond this material world. In fact, you are the Universe. You are life. You are beauty. You are love. You are gentleness. You are compassion. Finally, try to silence all the thoughts in your head by staying in the present. Focus all your energy on what you are doing, listen to your own breath. All this intimacy that your will have taken the time to nourish, to grow and to love for yourself, will become your own standard of intimacy with someone else. Also, to whoever is reading this, I love you. Sisi